Artworks @ Brody House

In the centre of the city, in the Pest neighborhood discover Brody House, a unique boutique hotel set in a neo-classical heritage building in Budapest, Hungary.

The house was built in 1896 for Dr. Vilmos Tauffer a pioneering doctor, and before becoming a boutique hotel in 2009, the owners William Clothier and Peter Grundberg hosted cultural events and parties with their artist friends. The hotel was named after the Hungarian writer, Sandor Brody. The two founders also created the Brody House Group, a members arts club, venues and rooms focusing on travelling, lifestyle, arts and design.

Brody House offers 11 individually designed rooms (Etienne, Ludo, Photo, Judit, Eszter, Droga, Yeresko, Tinei, Stark and Weiler studio, Print suite) featuring photos and artworks, unique wallpapers and original parquet floors. Named after the different artists, sculptors and photographers who used to have a studio at Brody House or collaborated with the Brody House Group. All rooms have an en-suite bathroom, some a sofa bed, lounge, kitchen and split-levels. There are also 7 apartments available, all furnished in the same artistic style of the hotel.

The private members arts club provides creative and inspiring spaces with 2 bars, 3 ateliers, recording studio, screening and games rooms for private and corporate events, workshops, film screenings, weddings and art showcases. The Brody ArtYard is a print studio collaborating with international artists publishing houses, galleries and museums.

Info: – Room price: double room from 70 euro incl. Wi-Fi

Photo Credit: © Brody House Group, Laszlo Balkanyi, Almos Eory