Authentic China: Jing’s Residence

Set in a mansion built 260 years ago and owned by a wealthy Qing dynasty silk merchant, Jing’s Residence is now a boutique hotel in the centre of the ancient city Pingyao in the Shanxi province in China.

Pingyao, dating back 2,700 years ago, is one of the major tourist attractions with some of the best-preserved traditional architecture in China and since 1997 it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

With the help of a renowned architect, Jing’s Residence was renovated maintaining the original spirit and was transformed in an elegant hotel. Grey-brick pavilions are built around a set of four courtyards made in an authentic northern China architectural style. Visitors can find tables and chairs outside of each pavilion, where they can relax or spend time inside the cosy library. Jing’s Residence offers 16 courtyard rooms and suites with a unique character, all decorated with natural materials, ancient carved wooden window frames, timber furniture, bamboo floors and rice paper ceilings. The rooms have traditional Chinese handcrafts furniture and silk decors. The Master Suite, located on the second level, has a hand made bath, a sitting area and a view of Pingyao’s rooftops.

The restaurant of the Residence has an extensive menu of international and local dishes and after dinner guests can have a drink at the bar lounge.

The Spa of the hotel offers therapeutic and rejuvenating treatments and a luxury spa suite for special therapy. Guests can have a walk nearby, enjoying craft shops, antiques and restaurants. The Jing’s Residence team organizes different activities such as paper cutting, cooking classes, massage lessons, and private tours.

Info: – Room price: double room from 190 euro (in promotion) incl. breakfast, welcome drinks, afternoon tea and Wi-Fi – Services: Pick up transfer

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