A secret swimming spot: the Bogey Hole

The Bogey Hole is an iconic and secret swimming spot of Newcastle, NSW Australia. This harbour city with famous surf beaches (Newcastle Beach and Merewether Beach) and coastal walk, is north of Sydney, two hours away.

The Bogey Hole is a natural pool located at the foot of Shepherds Hill, beneath King Edward Park. In fact, it offers a spectacular view of Newcastle coast. This green oasis is perfect for a picnic or barbecue with family and friends.

Moreover, travellers can have a relaxed coastal walk and visit the nearby Newcastle Beach. For instance, it is one of the best surf locations in Australia. This beach has volley ball nets, public amenities and street food kiosks.

The Bogey Hole is also known as the “Commandant’s Baths”. Commandant Morisset ordered to build it for his personal use. Therefore, around 1820 convicts carved it from ocean rocks. After that, in 1863 became a public pool. The name changed, becoming bugi, from the Aboriginal Dharug word, meaning to bathe.

A great natural spot for locals and travellers, to refresh and enjoy the sound of the waves.

Info: https://www.newcastle.nsw.gov.au/home

Photo Credit: ©somewhere-unique