Burano’s colors

Known for its lacework and bright houses, Burano is one of the islands of the Venetian archipelago (Italy). It is in the Venetian Lagoon near Torcello, and it is 7 kilometres from Venice.

Settled by the Romans escaping from the barbarian invasion, the island took its name from “Porta Boreana”, the northern door of the city.

Today Burano has five districts joined by bridges. It is famous all over the world for its quite atmosphere and the lacework production. In addition, it is well known for the Glassblowing and in particular for the “lume” technique. In fact, this practice started in Murano. Around the little streets of the island it is possible to find glass and lace producers as well as souvenirs shops.

In a historical building in Piazza Galuppi travellers can visit The Lace Museum of Burano. This museum contains documents, drawings and precious pieces for a complete overview of the history of the Venetian laces, from the origins to the present day.

Burano is also known for its small, brightly coloured houses. The reflection of them on the green water of the canals creates a special fairytale ambiance. For example, the most famous is “la Casa di Bepi Suà” (the house of Joseph Sweaty). In fact, it is painted with bright colours and geometric shapes.

Visitors can see the Venetian seafood every morning at the fish market in Campo della Pescheria. Moreover, they can try local fish dishes in different restaurants and “trattorie”.

Info:http://www.isoladiburano.it/en/index.html – http://www.veneziaunica.it/en

Photo Credit: ©Isoladiburano.it