Gardens by the Bay

Created to transform the city of Singapore into a “City in a Garden”, Gardens by the Bay is a sustainable park that displays diverse flora from around the world. Located in downtown near the Marina Bay, the space was made using innovative and environmentally friendly technology to showcase unique habitats.

Local residents and visitors from around the world can have an exclusive educational experience with nature, discovering the different pavilions and innovative architectural structures and learning about the self-sustainability and ecological functions of each of the different areas.

The Cloud Forest is a glass-paneled space covering a 35-metre tropical mountain with lush vegetation and an indoor waterfall. The highest point of the mountain, the “lost world”, can be reached by an elevator then by taking one of the two descending walkways through cloud forest vegetation and carnivorous plants.

Far East Organization Children’s Garden, located near the cloud forest, is a kids’ playground with tall tree houses, interactive water tunnels and fish sculptures designed to improve children’s senses.

The Flower Dome, a big greenhouse using spectrally selected glass, replicates cool-dry climates with unique plants and flowers from different corners of the globe.

Located in the center of Gardens by the Bay, the Supertrees are uniquely designed vertical gardens up to 16 stories high, covered by more than 200 tropical species and with sustainable functions. Visitors can experience a long aerial walkway at a height of 22 meters around the Supertree Grove, with a panoramic view of the surrounding flora and of the Marina Bay skyline. During the night the Supertrees come alive with a free light and sound show called Garden Rhapsody.

Info: – Outdoor gardens free entrance open from 5:00 AM – 2:00 AM


Photo Credit: ©Gardens by the Bay