A glamorous town: Porto-Vecchio

Between sea and mountain, Porto-Vecchio is a town of the Island of Corsica, overlooking the Mediterranean. Repeatedly destroyed and always rebuilt, the town is one of the oldest ports in Corsica.


It was founded by the Genoese in 1539 as a defensive base and for export. From 1540 to 1589, the citadel was destroyed and rebuilt three times. The Republic of Genoa finally gave the island to France in 1768.

Today it is a tourist attraction with its marina full of international yachts, cafes and boutiques where visitors can buy artisanal products. The town offers a wide range of accommodations, with traditional and contemporary decors, and restaurants with international and local cuisines.

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Amazing landscapes with mountain scenery and white sand beaches can be found around the city. The area offers numerous activities including sailing, kite surfing and scuba diving. Santa Giulia and Palombaggia, two famous beaches with calm and turquoise water, white dunes of fine sand and pine trees, are both located on the south. Just half an hour from the town is Ospedale Forest, a vast forest perfect for a walk, hiking or horseback riding.

Info: http://www.ot-portovecchio.com/

Photo Credit: ©porto vecchio tourisme