Graz: a passion for design

The city of Graz is the second-largest urban centre in Austria and member of the UNESCO Creative Cities from 2011. Graz is Renaissance and medieval old village with futuristic architecture. Its name is from gradec, a Slavic word meaning “small fortress”.

One of the touristic attractions is The Schlossberg or “Castle Mountain”. It is in the upper part of the city, offering a great view of the old medieval centre and of the River Mur.

Moreover, over the right side of the River, travellers can visit the Kunsthaus. This is a unique building with a biomorphic shape. In fact, it is locally known as the Friendly Alien. It is the contemporary art museum of Graz, designed by Peter Cook and Colin Fournier. For instance, it is made of iridescent blue acrylic panels, mixing architecture and media technology. In other words, it is the artistic icon of Graz and an attraction for international art lovers.

In addition, Graz has another distinctive piece of architecture, the Mur Island. This is a floating platform and bridge in the middle of the river. This unique spot has a cafe and a design shop inside.

In conclusion, Graz is a place where you can find a variety of culture just around every corner.


Photo Credit: ©somewhere-unique