Helmut Newton Foundation

Alice Springs Chateau Marmont, Hollywood, 1991 © Alice Springs

Helmut Newton is one of the most legendary and eclectic fashion photographers in the world. He created provocative and radical art images with a unique style and timeless elegance.

With his genuine vision, he was able to transform the observers into voyeurs. His fashion, nude, portrait and erotic black-and-white photos were in the most important fashion and art magazines. As a result,  he influenced modern photography and visual art.

His photos archive was massive and in 2003, a few months before his death, he decided to found the Helmut Newton Foundation (HNF) in partnership with the Berlin Museum of Photography. The Foundation was opened in summer 2004. It is in the historic centre of West Berlin, in the Charlottenburg district.

For instance, the goal was to preserve and present his photographic work and of his wife June. She created significant portraits since 1970 under the name Alice Springs. According to his wishes, the HNF should not be a “dead museum” but a “living institution”. As a result, the museum has active exhibition and shows innovative and provocative images. In fact, the team   collaborates with important contemporary photographers.

Moreover, the Foundation displays Helmut Newton’s private objects and accessories, showcasing his personal and work life and his passions.

The HNF is inside a great architectural building that was a former Prussian officer’s casino. After the renovations, the building became home to  Helmut Newton art.

Visitors can buy publications and merchandise products inside the Walther König Bookstore for Photography, on the ground floor.

Info: www.helmutnewton.com – closed on Monday

Photo Credit: ©Helmut Newton Estate, Alice Springs