Hvar: a Croatian splendor

Hvar, a magical Croatian Island in the Adriatic Sea, is a famous touristic destination. It has warm temperature, Mediterranean nature and white beaches. Moreover, located on a strategic position, at the center of the Adriatic Sea, the island has always been important for trade.

The main town Hvar, that shares the island’s name, is in a picturesque spot in front of the sea. The stone streets and the local architecture were influenced by the presence of the Venetian during the middle Ages. Visitors can hang out in café, enjoy the night atmosphere of the town or eat in local restaurants. For example, they offer fresh fish, seasonal vegetables, homemade olive oil and wine.

The village of Jelsa is in the middle of the island, nearby crystal blue bays with stone and white sand beaches. This spot it is ideal for swimming and sunbathing. Stari Grad, on the northern side of Hvar, is one of the oldest towns in Croatia with stone houses, narrow streets and small squares.

Purple lavender fields, vineyards and ancient olive trees are the result of constant warm weather. Above all, these elements characterise the lovely landscape of Hvar.

Info: https://visithvar.hr 

Photo Credit: ©Tourist board of City of Hvar

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