Key West sunset

Key West, an island city of Florida, is a unique subtropical paradise that combines history with diversity and unique architecture. With a Bahamian and Cuban heritage, Key West was strongly influenced by the Africans migrating from the Bahamas around the early 1800s.

Thanks to its fascinating contrasts, the island inspired famous people like Ernest Hemingway, Tennessee Williams, Elizabeth Bishop, Robert Frost and Jimmy Buffett. Therefore here visitors can visit different art galleries and museums.

Hemingway’s house,  for example, is a celebration of one of the most honoured American authors. Hemingway lived and wrote here for more than ten years. In addition, the Audubon House & Tropical Gardens and the Key West Art & History Museum  showcase the local culture through art, architecture and historical objects. In addition, all these attractions can be easily visited with public transportation, taxis, tour trains, bicycles or by foot.

Key West restaurants propose freshly local seafood, gourmet food or ethnic flavours. In addition, at the local open-air bars and pubs, visitors can enjoy live music while drinking.

This is a subtropical paradise known for the Sunset Celebration with a glowing pink and red sun sinking into the Gulf of Mexico horizon. It is surrounded by natural beauty, crystal clear water and the coral reef is located several miles off shore.

Key West is family friendly destination offering free activities, parks, playgrounds and interesting excursions. The island’s Historic Seaport district is the perfect starting point to arrange a day on the water for a diving, snorkelling or sailing expedition.


Photo credit: © Florida Keys News Bureau, Andy Newman, Bob Krist, Ken Stanek