Lord Howe Island variety

A mix of landscapes, Lord Howe Island is an exclusive isle in New South Wales, Australia, less than a 2 hours flight from Sydney or Brisbane. A unique scenery from mountains to sea-cliffs and coral reef.


Lieutenant Henry Lidgbird Ball discovered Lord Howe Island First in 1788 and the island was settled in 1834. In the following years became a ships station between Sydney and Norfolk Island. After that, tourism started around the 20th century thanks to the spectacular scenery. In 1982 became a UNESCO World Heritage site.

What to do

With a unique flora and fauna, Lord Howe Island is an outstanding example of exclusive ecosystem. For example, the island has white sandy beaches and lagoons protected by coral reef. Moreover, it has a variety of birds and marine life. Visitors can experience bird watching, with 14 species of seabirds and fishing, with abundance of fish. In fact, it is one of the top fishing destinations for its Marine Park. Furthermore, they can enjoy snorkelling and scuba diving, discovering the coral reefs and crystal water. It also offers hiking and bike trails.

Info: https://www.lordhoweisland.info

Photo credit: ©Lord Howe Island Tourism Association, Mt Eliza, Don Fochs, Ian Hutton, Ken Lees, Kerry Lorimer, Jack Shick