A magic festival: fiesta de Gràcia

Every August for 8 days, the narrow streets and the different charming plazas of “Gràcia district” in Barcelona, are transformed by the residents into a colorful street festival: La Festa Major de Gràcia.

An independent town until the late 19th century, Gràcia barrio is a trendy area populated by artists and a bohemian crowd. Visitors can find here great bars, cafes, lovely restaurants, art galleries, independent fashion stores and local boutiques.

About 19 streets of the quarter compete for “the best decorated street”for the Fiesta Major and they are very serious about wining the title. Families spend days creating hand crafted adornments, with different theme and they decor the area with wonderful paper objects, woodwork and ornamental lanterns. Festa Major de Gràcia has more than 500 activities for families and children, workshops and free concerts and is plenty of food and drink in every corner. During the evening the illuminations turn on and the district is transformed in a fantasy world.

Fiesta Mayor de Gràcia is one of the biggest street festival, that attracts every year visitors from all over the world. The festival has its own iPhone and android apps where to find the daily program.

For info: http://www.festamajordegracia.cat/

Photo Credit: ©somewhere-unique