Miró Mallorca Fundació

Miró Mallorca Fundació is in Cala Major district of Majorca Island (Spain). It is a unique cultural space promoting paintings, sculptures, drawings and objects of the artist Joan MiróHe visited Majorca since he was a small child and lived and worked here from 1956 to 1983. After that, in 1981 he and his wife Pilar Juncosa, donated the art collection to the Foundation.


The Foundation is made by three remarkable buildings: Sert Studio, Son Boter and the Moneo Building.

The Sert Studio, where Miró started working in 1956, was designed by his friend the architect Josep Lluís Sert. Above all, Mirò was part of the avant-garde movement in Barcelona. In fact, he shared ideas and projects with artists like Joan Prats and Josep Lluís Sert.

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Inspired by Mirò’s vision, the studio has a minimalistic style and is made by traditional Mediterranean materials (stone or clay) and innovative technics. For example, it is in two levels with an L shape and an undulant roof, creating a sense of movement. It was designed to be in perfect sync with the artist artworks.

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The Son Boter, a late 17th century Mallorcan house, was the second workshop. Here Mirò painted very large artworks. For example, today this house is still used by local and international artists.

The architect Rafael Moneo designed the Moneo, the head quarter that opened in 1992. It is a dynamic art centre and has a library, an auditorium, shop and three exhibition rooms. Moreover, it has two linked structures. One is a linear three-story building with a flat roof. The other has a star-shaped section, with a rooftop covered in water.  Furthermore, the main gallery of Moneo, the Espai Estrella, during sunny days has a unique light through the exterior concrete walls.

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Furthermore, Miró’s sculptures are in the external gardens, a space that combines nature and art.

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The collection includes paintings, sculptures, ceramics, bronzes, drawings, sketchbooks, objects and prints. Here visitors can see Miró and other artists’ works. Above all, this exclusive art assemblage shows the different techniques and materials used by the artist.

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Miró Mallorca Fundació offers tours to explain the history, techniques and some anecdotes. In addition, at the gift shop it is possible to buy  catalogues, art books, design objects and educational games. After that, guests can relax or have a Mediterranean lunch at the bar restaurant, with a terrace and a unique view of Mirò’s sculptures.

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Photo Credit: © Archive Miró Mallorca Fundació, Pep Escoda