Stunning Mont Saint Michel

One of the Normandy’s gems, Mont Saint Michel is a France Island part of  the UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1979.

Every year this village and its abbey offer a unique travel experience to nearly two and a half million of visitors and pilgrims. The Benedictine abbey is around a breathtaking Bay.

Mont Saint Michel has always been subject to some of the biggest tidal ranges in the world, creating unique and spectacular setting. For instance, during high tide the water around the hill, with the right light, creates a unique mirror image.

The fortified village was originally built to keep the enemies out. After that, the monastery became the centre of learning and was the attraction for some of the greatest minds in Europe. However, today the village has residents and a lot of touristic attractions. Visitors can enjoy different restaurants and try the local omelettes and crepes.

Travellers can walk on the defensive walls and on the towers and enjoy the incredible panorama. In addition, they can go inside the medieval Abbey, or visit different museums. The Island also offers souvenirs shops and little pastries with local sweets.


Photo credit: ©Eva Tessier, L. Helbert, L. Belither