A natural beauty: La Digue

La Digue, one of the pearls of the Seychelles, is the third largest island of the archipelago. It is about 40 km from the capital Mahé. Travellers can reach the island via boat, catamaran or helicopter. Almost entirely with wild nature, La Digue has just over 2,000 people living in the island. Therefore, the main sources of income are tourism, fishing  and agriculture.

A serene island with tropical nature, La Digue has exceptional coral reefs and long empty sand beaches. Behind the beaches, visitors can explore the generous jungle full of local fauna. The island is entirely surrounded by the reef, so it is possible to swim or snorkel almost everywhere.

La Digues doesn’t have a real centre, but the main village is La Passe, on the East coast. It is a small tropical port with few streets, few vehicles and some souvenir shops. The locals usually get around on foot or by bike. Moreover, nearby there are a very limited amount of accommodation. For example, the island offers smaller hotels, guesthouses or cottages.

One of the most photographed spot is Anse de Source d’ArgentThe famous and beautiful beach with pink granite rocks, palm trees and white sand. It is on the south-western coast of La Digue. In addition, travellers can visit the L’Union Estate, a garden with coconuts and vanilla plantation and a colony of giant tortoises.

Info: http://www.vanilla-islands.org/?lang=en

Photo Credit: ©somewhere-unique