Perfume of Eze

A medieval hamlet overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, Eze is a village located in south of France, between Nice and Monaco.

With breathtaking views and typical Mediterranean flora, this tourist site of French Riviera was built around the VIII century, on a dominating spot above the sea to protect the population from possible invasions. During the X century, the village was invaded by the Moors and Saracens. In 1706 the castle was destroyed by the French troops and only in 1860 Eze was reunited with France.

At the top of the hamlet are set the ruins of a medieval fortress and many traditional houses where craftsmen, artists and grand chefs work. Next to the fortress, above the Mediterranean Sea, there is an exotic garden, Jardin exotique d’Èze, with an impressive collection of cactus and succulents from the Mediterranean region, Africa, and the Americas.

This small charming village has many shops, art galleries, hotels and restaurants and is also home of perfume, soap and cosmetics; tourists can discover the secrets of antique perfumes and cosmetics industry, visiting the factory and the museum with demonstration of soap production, laboratory and buy souvenirs.


Photo credit: © Office municipal de Tourisme d’Eue village, P. Masson