Snorkeling in San Pedro

A small busy fishing village, San Pedro is the unique town on Ambergris Caye, the largest island of Belize, Central America. In the Caribbean Sea, the island is famous for its white sand beaches and great diving and snorkeling areas.

Sanpedro5The local economy was originally on the coconut industry. After that, was on the fishing industry and for the last thirty years on ecotourism.

Set beside the turquoise sea, San Pedro is a picturesque town with wooden houses in Caribbean and European style. Moreover, golf carts and bicycles are the principal transport on the sandy streets of the town. Travellers can enjoy the colourful gift shops, boutiques and library and try seafood specialties at the local cafes and restaurants.

Sanpedro9Outside of the town, visitors can discover spectacular sites like caves, waterfalls, blue lagoons and ancient Maya ruins. They can organise different activities such as nature walks or hiking through the jungle. Moreover this area has great snorkelling and scuba diving places. In fact, the Belize Barrier Reef Reserve System has wall of magnificent coral formation broken only by narrow channels. The clear and shallow water gives the possibility to have an excellent viewing of the fantastic marine life.


Photo credit: ©Belize Tourism Board