The serene Hydra Island

A small mountainous island in the Aegean Sea, Hydra is one of the Saronic Islands in Greece. The name comes from the word “Hydor” in Greek ‘water’ for the abundant water springs. Rich with history and culture, this island is a peaceful place where life slows down. Cars are not allowed and everything is carried by donkeys, boats or by hand.

Hydra has always been a cultural centre and since the 1950s famous artists spent time here. For example Onassis, Maria Callas, Eric Clapton and Picasso visit the island . For instance, it was a set for cinematographic productions. Moreover, since the 1980s every summer the Greek collector Dakis Joannou organises a series of contemporary art exhibitions to attract international visitors.

The villages have 18th century mansions, old churches and marble-cobbled streets. For example, Hydra town has a historical fortress with cannons and a pictures port. This is a perfect spot for an evening drink or a dinner at the local restaurants with Greek and Mediterranean cuisine. Moreover, the little village Kiafa, located above the harbour, has narrow streets, old grocery stores, boutique hotels and windmills.

Sandy and rock beaches like Vlichos, Avlaki, Spilia and Hydroneta have crystal clear water. For example, visitors can dive exploring reefs and underwater caves. Moreover, taking one of the many hiking trails, they can enjoy the beautiful Mediterranean flora and fauna of the island.


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