Vivid Dali’s Museum

Dedicated to one of the most iconic artist of all time, Salvador Dali, The Dali Museum was opened in 1982 in St Petersburg, Florida. Two private collectors, Reynolds and Eleanor Morse, had a huge painting collection in their home. In the mid-1970s they decided to donate the collection and created the museum.


The museum celebrates all Dali’s works including paintings, sculptures, films and interactive art. In fact, here there is a collection of over 2,000 works. For example, there are 96 oil paintings, drawings, illustrations, prints, sculpture, photos, manuscripts and documents.

The building 

On the first floor visitors can find the Store and the Theater, showing short films or used as location for concerts, lectures or classes. Moreover, here there is the Raymond James Community room, a space for conferences, weddings or events. On the second floor visitors can find the Library with over 7,000 volumes, catalogs, manuscripts, magazines and newspapers about Salvador Dali. In addition, there are videos, sound recordings and photographs of him and about Surrealism and Avant-garde. All Dali’s special exhibitions are on the third floor. From here visitors can enjoy a breathtaking view of the gardens and of the new building Enigma.

In 2011 the architect Yann Weymouth worked on a new section, designing a new building Enigma. This structure consists on a large glass bubble made up of 1,062 triangular pieces of glass. For instance, it was made as an homage to Dali’s museum in Spain. In addition, inside there is a helical staircase, referring to Dali’s obsession with spirals and DNA.

The gardens of the Dali Museum are on the waterfront of Tampa Bay. For example, the Mathematical Garden is one of them and expresses the relationship between math and nature.

After a walk through the Museum, guests can relax and have something to it at the Cafe Gala. Named in honour of Salvador Dali’s wife, the bar is on the entrance and offers traditional Spanish food. Nearby, they can stop at the gift shop, with hundreds of Dalí-inspired gift items, books, home decor and more.

Info: – price entrance: $10 members and students, $15 non-members – available parking & every Sunday join Lucky Cat Yoga 

Photo Credit: ©2017 – Salvador Dalí Museum, Inc., St. Petersburg, FL.