Magic and fun: the French Quarter

Exotic and mystic, the French Quarter is one of the oldest neighbourhoods of New Orleans, Louisiana (United States). Established by the French in 1718, this district was the original city settlement and a global port. In fact, it was in a strategic position along the Mississippi River.

This district has a lot of references to the European and Caribbean culture. For example, it has stunning buildings and balconies adorned with ironwork. Moreover its courtyards filled with lush vegetation and Spanish fountains are really famous.

Every street of the French Quarter has something to offer from restaurants, live music venues, boutiques to voodoo temples. Some of the most popular areas of the French Quarter are Royal Street, Chartres Street, Bourbon Street and Jackson Square. Originally the Place d’Armes, is a timeless attraction because is surrounded by old apartment buildings and a beautiful garden.

Visitors can get around using “mule-drawn carriage” which was the original way of transportation. Moreover, they can try different restaurants proposing traditional cuisine. Or experience live music on the streets, in the clubs or during annual festivals.

On the riverside of the Lower French Quarter is located the French Market. This is an area with over 20 unique souvenirs shops, restaurants, flea and farmers markets. Therefore, here there are a lot of shopping opportunities and historical monuments to visit.


Photo Credit: ©The New Orleans Convention & Visitors Bureau