The Rocks, a charismatic district

A charming mix of old and new, the Rocks is a historic district of Sydney, Australia. On the edge of Sydney Harbour, this part of the city has traditional architecture, sandstone buildings and cobblestoned streets. In addition, the neighbourhood is well known for its modern pubs, cozy cafés, good restaurants, trendy boutiques and souvenir shops.


Originally home to local Aboriginals, in 1788 the Rocks became the first settlement of Europeans. It was the commercial centre of the city. For a long time the district had a bad reputation because sailors, convicts and prostitutes living here. The 20th century presented real challenges for the Rocks and, as a result, from 1975 the district became a residential and commercial area.

Thanks to the proximity of Sydney’s main attractions, the Rocks became popular for tourists. As a matter of fact, today it is a creative and cultural arts centre. Moreover, traveller can visit the Museum of Contemporary Art and other galleries, including Aboriginal Art Galleries with collections of artworks, crafts, ceramics and didgeridoos.

Every Friday and every weekend visitors and locals can enjoy the Rocks Markets finding gourmet food, fresh bread and handmade dishes. In addition, there are different stands selling designer clothing, accessories, jewellery and handcrafted artworks. In other words, this is great to buy Australian local gifts and one-of-a-kind souvenirs.

A great way to explore the city is to join the Rocks Walking Tours, with friendly guides. They will walk locals and visitors around to discover secrets spots and to will share interesting stories.


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