The Seven coloured Earth of Chamarel

The island of Mauritius offers a unique and colourful experience. This is the Seven coloured Earth of Chamarel. It is a small area of sand dunes on the Rivière Noire District, in southwestern part of the island. As a result, this magical area is one of the most popular tourist attractions from the 1960s.


This natural geological phenomenon, noticed in 1879, comes from the different compositions of the soil, creating a mix of coloured earth. Over the millennium the volcanic rocks were pulverised into sand. Therefore, they made distinct layers and after being exposure to the rain, the soil created beautiful patterns. In other words, shades of red, brown, violet, green, blue and purple. This place becomes a surrealistic lunar landscape.

The dunes of the Seven coloured Earth of Chamarel are protected by a wooden fence. Visitors can walk around and look from observation spots, along the fence. Nearby there is a playground, a souvenir shop and an area with Giant Turtles from the Seychelles in the 1880s.

More to see

Close to the Seven coloured Earth travellers can also visit the Chamarel waterfalls. These are impressive cascades with a height of 83 meters, formed from the River St. Denis and are surrounded by lush vegetation.  Travellers can have a great view of the waterfalls from both a lower and an upper spot from the Black River National Park. Moreover, they can enjoy a three hours walking trek that goes to the base of Chamarel Waterfalls. In addition, they can swim in the pool as enjoy the waterfall showers and its magnificent height.

Here it is also possible to experience authentic Arabica coffee. The production of Chamarel coffee started 1967. In fact, the plantations are at an altitude of 280 metres above sea level. Visitors can try or buy the coffee at the souvenir shop.

This location will surprise visitors with its outstanding beauty and sounds of a true tropical rainforest.

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Photo Credit: ©Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority