The cliff town: Tropea

A seaside village in the Calabria region of Italy, Tropea is on top of a cliff, in the gulf of St. Euphemia. It is along the Costa degli Dei, overlooking a crystal clear blue sea.

The legend says that Tropea was founded by Hercules, returning from his explorations. Although, historical records say that African Publio Scipione, wanted to build a city as a “trophy” of gratitude to the Gods. Thanks to its unique position overlooking the sea, Tropea was a strategic spot during the Roman times.

The town is a charming medieval centre with cobblestone alleys and a breathtaking landscape. The different squares have terraces overlooking the sea. Moreover, travellers can reach the Chiesa di S.Maria dell’Isola, the symbol of the town, by staircase formed in the rock. The main street, Corso Vittorio Emanuele III,  has charming cafes and restaurants to taste local delicacies. Moreover, tourists can stroll around and buy some souvenirs and delicacies from the local vendors. For example, they can find small workshops, pottery-makers, farmer’s shops selling red onions, olive oil, and wine.

At the bottom of the town, there are different beaches with crystalline water and white sand. Tourists can rich them  through three roads and four staircases.


Photo Credit: ©somewhere-unique

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