Urbino: an Italian beauty

Urbino, in the Marche Region, is one of Italy’s magical treasures. The city is a medieval town on top of a hill, with narrow ancient streets and surrounded by feudal walls. It is a university city full of students going between classes or spending time in cafes and bars.


Under the duke Federico da Montefeltro, from 1444 to 1482, Urbino become an example of grandiose Renaissance architecture. The Ducal Palace, now the National Gallery, was built in the 15th century as the palace house of Duke Federico. The Palazzo Ducale has an important collection of paintings, including one from Raffaello, who was born in this city.

This small town was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to its beauty and history. Urbino was an attraction for different artists and scholars of the Renaissance from all over Italy.

Don’t miss

Urbino offers a lots of typical Italian ‘fast food’ spots, where to pick up a pizza slice, a piadina (flat bread sandwich) or a crescia, a typical tasty street food (flat bread and pastry, filled with salami or vegetables).

Info: http://en.visit.marche.it

Photo Credit: © Kiko