A wild oasis: Block Island

Located in the Atlantic Ocean, just 20 km south of Rhode Island, United States, Block Island  is a New England oasis with free public beaches, clear waters and spectacular cliffs.

Named after Adrian Block, a Dutch explorer who arrived there in 1614, this isle is also called the “Bermuda of the North,” because of its isolated rocky and sandy beaches. Bloch Island is a holiday destination that can only be accessed by to boats and small planes. Visitors can relax away from the masses, walk, use bicycles or mopeds to move around and enjoy hiking, walking and biking trails or taking fish trips for tuna or marlin.

One of the attractions of the island is Mohegan Bluffs, where impressive ocean views can be seen from the nearly 50 meters high cliffs and it takes more than 140 stairs to get down to the beach.

Near the old harbor visitors can find nice boutiques and galleries with exclusive gifts and works by local artists or try different cafes and restaurant with local specialties and international cuisine. Most of restaurants and hotels are locally owned and some of the original hotels built in the 1800’s are still open today.

With its gorgeous beaches, good food and its Victorian charm, Block Island has become a wedding destination for both simple and sophisticated events.

Info: http://www.blockislandinfo.com/

Photo credit: © Block Island Tourism Council